We specialize in conservative spine treatment for neck and low back pain, including trunk stabilization physical therapy, various types of medications, activity modification, and therapeutic injections. There are a number of surgery options available to the patient who has not responded to the available conservative treatment programs, and often benefit positively from skillfully applied spine surgery intervention. Allow Desert Institute for Spine Disorders help you regain your lifestyle.

Our Mission

If you are suffering from acute or chronic neck, back, arm, or leg pain, scoliosis or other spine deformity, or a herniated disc, allow Desert Institute for Spine help you feel good again. Our goal is to reduce your pain and return you to your normal activities as soon as possible. We provide services for all who live locally in the Phoenix metropolitan area, nationally, and internationally.

Our Approach

You will see Dr. Pitt on your first visit and he will develop your plan of care, unless you have an issue you feel must be evaluated earlier than his next available scheduled appointment time; in which case you can see the Physician Assistant who will initiate treatment for your pain, order the necessary diagnostic studies or labs, and provide a initial treatment plan prior to your visit with Dr. Pitt. This will greatly accelerate your treatment and will provide Dr. Pitt all of the necessary diagnostic information to activate a definitive treatment algorithm specific to your needs.

International Surgical Foundation

ISF is a non-profit Christian based charity founded out of a need to provide to the impoverished population of the Dominican Republic and surrounding areas, the very best in surgical treatment of all spine disorders.