Telemedicine Virtual Clinics

We are excited to be able to virtually consult directly with you face-to-face by video conference. A visual examination is critical in the absence of an in-office visit. A Telemedicine clinic will allow Dr. Pitt to provide quality medical care in certain cases to patients, using voice and video technologies.

Before The Appointment

  • Complete a Telemedicine Consent Form
  • All post-operative patients must send in a high quality photo of their surgical incision utilizing good lighting prior to telemedicine evaluation. Please contact the office for sending information.
  • Any additional paperwork will be sent to you to complete either via Adobe E-Sign or by e-mail.
  • A desktop computer with an adjustable camera attached, laptop, or tablet with a camera is required in order to participate. A Telemedicine clinic can not be adequately done with a cellular telephone. Please see the requirements below and visit our Telemedicine Tips and Telemedicine FAQs pages for more information.
  • Schedule your telemedicine appointment by calling 480-656-4048 page.
  • Connect through your preferred web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  • Enable the camera and microphone, or if you are unable to use the computer's microphone, you can use any telephone and call-in with the number provided in the email invitation and in the pop-up window after you click on "Join Meeting" and after Dr. Pitt starts the meeting. Enter your "Attendee ID" when prompted.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • A desktop computer with an adjustable camera attached, laptop, or tablet with a camera is required in order to participate. The use of a cellular phone is inappropriate for the purpose of a Telemedicine clinic. Cell phones do not give Dr. Pitt an adequate view of the patient from head-to-toe, and you will not be able to clearly view the images Dr. Pitt will share with you. In most cases, cellular bandwidth is poor, and thus causes delays. For voice communication, you can use the microphone on your computer or a dial-in number which will be provided.
  • Join your virtual clinic 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Access our Tips page before your appointment to ensure that you will have a satisfactory experience.
  • Access our Telemedicine FAQs if you have any questions about the process.


If you have additional questions or if Dr. Pitt has not joined the virtual clinic 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, please call our office at 480-656-4048.

We thank you in advance for your patience during this time, as telemedicine is new to us as well.